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Australian Sports 101: The Complete Guide to Australian Rules Football

Have you ever heard of Australian rules football? Well, if you are from the Land Down Under you probably already know all about it. However, for those who still don’t know anything about this sport, here’s a thorough guide to all the Australian rules football essentials.

Popularity in Australia

Australian rules football is definitely one of the most popular sports in Australia. As a matter of fact, it is the most attended, wagered-on and viewed sport. The bettors can wager on Australian rules football in online casinos such as Leo Vegas. And what is special in Leo Vegas? The fact that players from other continents can bet freely. 

In short, these sports have their own league in Australia, called the Australian Football League (AFL) and it has an annual event called the AFL Grand Final, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Name Variations

There are many name variations for this sport. So, apart from the full and official name, many refer to it as Australian football. Some of the more colloquial names are footy, football(in Australia of course), Aussie rules, and others. 

How to describe it best?

Well, Australian rules football is a two teamed contact sport similar to both football and cricket. Ther are 18 players in each of the two teams and the games are played on a field that has an oval shape. Furthermore, the Australian rules football field can often be an old and modified cricket field. The ball for this sport is also oval-shaped and there is a certain way of counting the points.

How to Win the Game?

The goal of the game is to score as many points of course. Moreover, the players can score by throwing the ball between the goalposts. In this case, the player will earn 6 points for his/her team. This is not the only way of evaluating the points earned. If a player throws the ball behind the posts, the team will earn one point.

Ball Handling

To point out, during the game the players are allowed to move freely and handle the ball with any body part. There are no limitations like in football or basketball that limit them to use only hands or feet. In addition, they are allowed to hold the ball in their hands, kick it, run with it while in play. 

However, if a player wants to run with a ball, they will need to constantly bounce it. What is not allowed is throwing the ball as well as getting caught with it. Two other important features of ball-handling are the mark and a free-kick. 

Physical Contact in the Game

When it comes to physical contact in the game, it is allowed. Hand contact is allowed among the players and they are also allowed to use their bodies to block the players from the opposing team. There are penalties for inappropriate and intentional physical contact, and the penalties depend on the action.