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Australian Sports and Sports Betting Slang or Gambling Lingo

We all know that multiple countries can have the same native tongue, yet due to geographic differences, different environments, history, and culture, the same language evolves differently. As a result, there is different slang, and even those foreigners that know the language might have a hard time understanding it depending on the country they are in. Just like how  Paddy Power Promo Code can differ depending on where you are located,  watching sports and sports betting, watching in a bar where they speak in a different slang will be a unique experience. 

Here we will focus on Australia, and its sports betting slang. So, in the event you find yourself watching a game at a bar or at a stadium in Australia, be on the lookout for the phrases we will share in this article.You might hear them a lot so it can come in handy that you are able to discern what other spectators are discussing. 

AFL Slang

This is the most beloved sport on this continent and there is really no need to go over the rules.

So, let’s get into some of the frequent sayings that will likely drop in the conversation among AFL fans. 

  • Sausage roll – the idea is that it rhymes with a goal, so when someone scores you might hear sausage roll instead of just goal. Therefore if you bet, try betting on 2+ sausage rolls.
  • Tall timber – You are likely to hear spectators referring to front-line key players as “Tall timber.”
  • Pill – You will hear this term even if you are not watching an AFL game, as it is often used to describe the ball that players are using. 
  • Blue/Tiff/Melee/Barney – these are all terms that are used to describe a fight that can break among the players during the game, but they are not as nearly as frequent as before. 
  • Bomb and torpedo – A bomb is used to describe a long and high kick, whereas a torpedo is used for a high and swirling kick. 

Rugby league

A lot of slang that is present for AFL will likely occur here as well and vice-versa. Here are some of the notable slang expressions when it comes to Rugby league. 

  • Spilled his lollies – You might hear this often if a player loses a ball or simply makes a weak move when he tries to launch the ball far away. 
  • Dropped a sitter – Whenever someone drops the bomb, or high kick for no apparent reason or in a situation when that was not a good course of action, you will hear the term “dropped a sitter”. 

Cricket Slang

Let’s see some of the terms associated with cricket.

  • Blade/Willow – Terms used to describe a bat
  • Cherry – Due to similar colors to this fruit, the cricket ball often bears this nickname.
  • Hit the red off the ball – When someone hits the ball really hard they will say that a player basically knocked its color away.