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Best AFL Betting Promotions

The AFL is one of the most fun professional sports leagues in the world. Even non-Australians who come across the sport for the first time tend to be drawn to the unique nature of the sport and how it’s just a little different than everything else out there. Further amplifying the fun of the already electric AFL is the opportunity to wager on it, and take advantage of some of the best AFL betting promotions available. In this guide, we’ll tell you what to look for when seeking out AFL betting promotions along with the best promos in that category, so you know what to look for and can get back to watching the footy.

One of the most overlooked details of any AFL betting promotion is whether or not there are any strings attached when taking advantage of those promos. There are plenty of promotions that offer free bets or other perks when specific things happen during an AFL game, but do those promotions come with rollover requirements or other things that would make them less advantageous to you? These are things to consider before taking advantage of any promotions that you may come across.
Also of vital importance to any AFL bettor looking to take advantage of some of the best AFL betting promotions is the quality of betting markets available surrounding those promotions. Sure, a free bet offer or something similar is great, but if a sportsbook doesn’t have the markets that you like to bet on, including some of the more intricate markets such as margin of victory, then that promotion isn’t going to do you quite as much good as joining a sportsbook that doesn’t offer the same promotion but has the markets that you want to play the most.
Perhaps even more important than the quality of available betting markets at each sportsbook are the quality of the available odds themselves. While plenty of sportsbooks offer the same wager types, such as spreads and moneylines, some offer more favorable odds than others, making bettors risk less on a favorite or get a bigger return on their investment when backing an underdog. While these small variations may not seem like much, they build up overtime, with the ability to save a few bucks on each bet adding up to a massive long-term savings.
While some promotions are clearly better than others, every person’s preferences for betting markets and otherwise are different, so even with these promotions in mind, remember that there is no such thing as a one size fits all sportsbook. Keeping that in mind, these are the best AFL betting promotions.


Over at Unibet, there is a promotion available this AFL season that gives bettors the opportunity to win big money, while simultaneously minimizing their risk to effectively nothing. Their top promotion is based on making a multi bet of four legs or more. The bet can be between $10 and $50, which would be refunded to the bettor in the form of bonus bets should only one leg of the multi lose. Of course, if the multi were to hit, you would just win the money from the wager, which would stand to be a large amount depending on the odds of the individual legs that you put together.
The best part of this promotion, and what makes it one of the best AFL betting promotions, is the fact that it based around the creation of a multi bet. Multi bets are fun, enable bettors to have action on multiple games using only one stake, and yield the potential for massive returns. The fact that this promotion combines all of those things, and will refund you your stake should all but one of your selections wins, makes it an elite promotion.


Instead of an elaborate AFL betting promotion that pays out in free bets or involves some kind of complicated series of events to pan out, Ladbrokes does something simple and enjoyable for their big AFL betting promo. What Ladbrokes has done is select a marquee match during each round of the AFL season, and offer increased odds for their players on one side to win. It’s not a reinvention of the wheel, but it’s a legitimate incentive for bettors looking to back that team.
For example, when the Sydney Swans take on the Western Bulldogs, Ladbrokes offered odds of $2.30 on Sydney, which is higher than the Swans would normally be in that matchup. What’s great about this is that it encourages bettors who were already going to back Sydney to do so, and rewards them by paying them more money should Sydney get the win in that game. Sometimes, when it comes to the best AFL betting promotions, simpler is better, and this is proof of that.


There is nothing worse in sports betting than when you back a team and they get out to a big lead, only for them to relinquish that advantage and end up losing the match. Sportsbet has aimed to eliminate the possibility of that pain by offering a great AFL promo. If the team you are backing has built a lead of 24 points or more during the game, you have the option to be paid out early, even if the team you picked eventually loses the game.
There is nothing more frustrating to a bettor than losing as the result of a bad beat, and there aren’t many worse beats than watching the team you chose blowing a lead of four goals or more. So for Sportsbet to offer a promo like this is great for everyone, especially those who know the pain of watching their money slip away due to a blown lead.
These are the best AFL betting promotions, and each are different enough to appeal to a wide array of different bettors. While your mileage may vary on all of them, be sure to look for other AFL betting promotions to make sure you are taking advantage of one that works for you.