The Most Popular Casinos in Australia

Casinos are sometimes like the world’s largest hotels and they offer more than actual hotels in some parts of the world. Huge casinos and resorts can be as big as some towns and they have anything a tourist would want.

Online casinos have been showing up, taking away some of the customers from land casinos, enticing them with bonuses like this LeoVegas bonus

Yet, even with that, casino tourism is still strong and people will travel a lot, even to other continents, to visit a casino they have heard of.

This time, we will be traveling to Australia and listing some of their best and most popular casinos.

Star Casino in Sydney

Why not visit Sydney and end up in the city center, in one of its largest and best casinos. Star Casino is actually also a huge hotel, ranking among the best with its five stars and many luxuries. Given the location and the prestige, you can expect fine dining from multiple acclaimed restaurants, not to mention a nightclub that offers a different type of entertainment.

Then, there is the casino with its own temptations, typical for casinos, but still perfectly arranged and organized, so that visitors can have fun and enjoy the sights.

Casino Canberra

This was the first casino to have ever been established in Australia. From its name, you can expect to find it in Canberra, the country’s capital city. This casino has lots of history and packs one of the best restaurants in the city. Given the popularity, some people visit the restaurant without even wanting to visit the casino, so make sure to have a reservation.

Treasury Casino & Hotel in Brisbane

Brisbane has a single casino and this is the one. However, this is by no means a small casino. It has a huge hotel with deep roots, as well as six restaurants and many casino games to enjoy. Given the huge number of activities one can do in this casino, it is no wonder that it gets tons of visitors, from people who prefer gambling to those who simply want to party or eat good food.

Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex in Melbourne

Melbourne is an interesting city and this casino is one of the best ones that you can visit on the entire continent, let alone in Melbourne. This is one of the largest casinos and entertainment complexes in the world, so one would expect it to have almost everything and without a doubt, it is fully kitted, as much as a gambler or any other tourist would want.

The Star Casino in Gold Coast

Gold Coast is located just south of Brisbane and it houses one of the largest casinos out there, called The Star Casino. It was once known as the Jupiter Casino, but it was redesigned and now bears a new name, as well as many new activities for visitors, including a great restaurant.

These are Australia’s best and most popular casinos, some of which are also hotels and full resorts.