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What are the Most Australian Sports?

Australia is known for its love for sports and sports betting. There are plenty of sports which Australians like, to name a few, Aussie rules, cricket, horse racing, football (association), swimming, tennis, basketball, and many more. But, which of these sports, if any, are Australian? Which sports are the most Australian sports?

Australian Football – Aussie Rules

Australian football is a very popular sport in Australia and some would argue that it is the most popular sport, at least if you look at the statistics for online searches and attendance on events.

Australians take pride in their creation, which dates back to the 18th century. In its current form, however, it was created in 1859, when the first laws of Australian football were created. The game changed over time, to become what we know today as Aussie rules.

The game is played on an oval field, anywhere from 135 to 180 meters long for senior professional games. The ball used is similar to a rugby ball. The rules differ because the ball must be bounced on the ground if held a by a single player, every 15 meters. There are penalties for some tackles, specifically those from behind. A goal between the posts is worth 6 points and a goal between the goalposts and behind posts is worth a single point. Games last for 4 quarters, each quarter being 20 minutes long. The timer pauses for serious injuries, goals and various other reasons. The players can take 6 minute breaks after the first and third quarter and a 20 minute one at half time.


Surfing is an ancient Hawaiian sport, which was brought to Australia by Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku in 1915. Australians immediately took the sport under their own belt. In 1956, the Malibu board was brought to Australia by US lifeguards. The reason Australia is often connected to surfing is because they have been shown as avid surfers in various movies, creating the dumb, blonde, Australian surfer stereotype.

But, on the other hand, Australia did produce many, many world champions in surfing, male and female alike.


Cricket is mostly played by England, Scotland, Wales, New Zealand, India and Australia. Australia is currently at the top of the table with 5 cricket World Championship titles. Cricket was introduced in Australia very early on, and the first professional match was played in 1803. Cricket has been around for more than 200 years and is arguably one of the sports in which Australians are very dominant, as seen by their World Championship titles and actually, their 2015 title. They are the current defending champions and will compete against other teams at the 2019 World Championship which starts on May 30.

These are the most Australian sports of them all.